How do bookings work? We require your contact information, event date, event address, setup time, pickup time. We will then send you a contract and a link for a $65 deposit (non refundable). Balance of the contract is due day of event prior to setup. Credit card or PayPal must be received day before event. We do not accept cheques or credit cards on delivery. If your event is less than 3 days away then payment is due in full.

What about canceling a booking? We understand things happen and we can cancel a booking at any time, but you lose your $65 deposit, Date and time slot for that event.

What are delivery fees? Delivery fees apply to all orders. This includes delivery, set up and pickup at end of event. This fee is based on the distance, travel time and event location.

Why is a delivery window required? We cannot control certain factors such as: traffic, poor weather conditions and road closures. For this reason we require a 30 minute minimum window for set up and pickup arrival time. If you require a exact time of service at a particular time due to venue restrictions please notify us prior to booking and we will try our best to accommodate. This service is an additional charge.

What if there is no parking available at my event location? Unfortunately we will not be able to deliver to locations that have no parking or loading areas/docks available at setup and pickup times.

Do you offer Pick up as an option? Sorry we do not offer pick up. All items require special packing and large vehicle for transporting.

What if the item gets damaged at our event? Client is responsible for the safe keeping of rented items while in their possession. If any items are damaged then replacement fees will be charged

Do you build your own products? Yes we build and design most of our products in house.

Do you offer vendor discount? Unfortunately we do not offer vendor discounts at this time.

Do you do collaborations? Unfortunately we do not do collaborations at this time.


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